Seal-All Connectors



Seal-All Connectors

Seal-All Installation Manual

 Seal-All Connectors are an environmentally sealed connection system developed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture and harsh engine compartment  fluids and chemicals with unfaltering performance.  It consists of mating heat stabilized polyamide housings, male and female "pin and socket" terminals and self-lubricating silicone connector and cable seals.  Seal-All connector configurations are available for one to six wires.  -40 C to 125 C temperature range.  Now you can have the same superior Plug/Connector that is used in vehicle OEM manufacturing.

Seal-All Connectors (male and female shells only)  NOTE-terminal connectors are sold separately based on wire size (see below)

Seal-All Seal-All

Single Conductor kit  SPT P/N - WHT1C       $2.95

Seal-All Seal-All

Double Conductor Kit SPT P/N - WHT2C $4.10

Seal-All Seal-All

Triple Conductor Kit  SPT P/N - WHT3C $4.19

Seal-All Seal-All

4 Conductor Kit SPT P/N - WHT4C $5.45

Seal-All Seal-All


4 Conductor Kit SPT P/N WHT4CSQ $5.85

Seal-All Seal-All

5 Conductor Kit SPT P/N - WHT5C $10.95

Seal-All Seal-All

6 Conductor Kit SPT P/N - WHT6C  $7.25

Terminal Connector Kits for Seal-All Connectors

Seal-All Seal-All Seal-All

Terminal Kits (includes 6 each-male, female terminals and 12 seals).  Will work with all Seal-All Shells.

24-22 Ga Wire  SPT P/N - WHT2422 $8.95

20-18 Ga Wire SPT P/N - WHT2018 $8.95

16-14 Ga Wire SPT P/N WHT1614 $8.95

Seal-All Heavy Duty Connector


Heavy Duty Connector-42 amps continuous maximum current rating. For 12-10 gauge wire.

Complete 2 conductor kit  SPT P/N WHT2CHDKIT  $17.25


Seal-All Crimp Tool

Seal-All Seal-All

Crimp tool works with all Seal-All Terminals and seals.  Its compact, low-cost parallel jaw design eliminates terminal rocking.

Seal-All Crimp Tool  P/N - WHTSACT  $38.32


Professional Seal-All Crimper


Crimps Seal-All terminals and seals in one cycle.  Features two double Cavities, an orientation block and a ratchet mechanism to ensure that each crimp cycle is completed.  Factory calibrated to be used only with Seal-All terminals and seals.  Wire range 20-14.

Pro Seal-All Crimper P/N - WHTPSAC  $134.95

Seal-All Terminal Release Tool


A must have tool for working with Seal-All shells and terminals.  Designed to depress Seal-All retention barbs to allow terminal removal from shells.

Seal-All Tool P/N - WHTSATRT  $7.95


Below you will see pictures showing how to crimp the pins and sockets.  Please note that the male pin goes into the shell with the female cavity.  


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