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Price List


The pricing sheet and part numbers are listed below.  To place an order, call us between 9-5 Monday-Friday Eastern time at (562)-776-9494 and we will be happy to take your order and to answer any questions that you may have.  We accept MasterCard and Visa for orders.  

Description  part number PRICE
    Instrument light pkg. FLPKG


    Fiberlite Label-up to 8" FLLABEL-1 $39.00
    FiberLite Label-8" to 14"



    LED light sources

FLLED14V or FLLED28V $17.60
Glow Strips
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14G $119.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14G $159.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28G $159.50
GREEN with PWM Dimmer (without off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14GPWM 188.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-28GPWM $228.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28GPWM $228.50
GREEN with PWM Dimmer (with off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14GPWMS $197.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-28GPWMS $237.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28GPWMS $237.50
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14W $119.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14W $159.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28W $159.50
WHITE (without off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14WPWM 188.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-28WPWM $228.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28WPWM $228.50
WHITE (with off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14WPWMS $197.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-28WPWMS $237.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28WPWMS $237.50
BattPack Battery 
     BattPack 14V BATTPACK14V $48.00
     BattPack 28V BATTPACK28V $58.00
Solid-State Dimmers
One Circuit LD115W-1 $68.00
Two Circuit


Three Circuit LD115W-3 $169.00
Four Circuit LD115W-4 $199.00
Pre-Fabricated Wire Harness
One Circuit LD115W-1 Harness $76.00
Two Circuit LD115W-2 Harness $99.50
Three Circuit LD115W-3 Harness $106.00
Four Circuit LD115W-4 Harness $118.00
Control Knobs for Dimmers LD-KNOB $4.75
Pulse Width Modulation Dimmers
EL/LED  dimmer with off switch SPTPWMLEDS $115.00
EL/LED dimmer without off switch SPTPWMLED $98.00
Heavy Duty  dimmer with off switch SPTPWMHDS $115.00
Heavy Duty dimmer without off switch SPTPWMHD $98.00
Extreme Duty Dimmer-only available without off switch SPTPWMED $129.00
LED Light Strip for Glare Shield Lighting
LED Light Strip (14 or 28V) SPTLEDSW $49.00
LED Light Strip & Dimmer (without off switch) SPTPWMLEDWWO $117.00
LED Light Strip & Dimmer (with off switch SPTPWMLEDWWS $144.00
Battery-Back Up for 14V BP14V $47.85
Battery-Back Up for 28V BP28V $57.85
MaxDim Dimmer SPTMAXDIM $220.90
MaxDim Duo Dimmer SPTMAXDIMDUO $337.95
MaxPulse Landing Light Controller/Pulser SPTMAXPULSE $242.95
   E-Z Nut Bezel for 3 1/8"



   E-Z Nut Bezel for 2 1/4"



Inflatable Lumbar Supports
    One Lumbar Support ILS1 $48.00
    Two Lumbar Supports ILS2 $82.00
Grain of Wheat Bulbs
GRWB14V $4.45
GRWB28V $4.45
SPT-Vinyl Leather (FAA burn test included)
 Iron-Gray SPTVINYLGRAY410 $42.90
 Sand SPTVINYLSAND220 $42.90
 Blueberry SPTVINYLBLUE600 $42.90
 Coffee SPTVINYLCOFFEE800 $42.90 
 Cream SPTVINYLCREAM500 $42.90
 Cranberry SPTVINYLCRANBERRY710 $42.90
 Black SPTVINYLGRAY410 $42.90
SPT-ABS Plastic Sheets ABS063 $43.80
Electrical Plug Connectors
Plug and Connectors
    4 pin  SPT015/16 $8.95
    6 pin  SPT152/53 $10.45
    9 pin SPT39/40 $11.25
    12 pin  SPT17/18 $11.95
    18 pin  SPT442/43 $13.45
    36 pin  SPT019/020 $14.95
    Wire ga. 20-24 PIN103-1 $.74
    Wire ga. 16-18 PIN099-1 $.74
    Wire ga. 20-24 SOC105-1 $.98
    Wire ga. 16-18 SOC101-4 $.98
Seal-All Connectors
Single Conductor Kit WHT1C $2.95
Double Conductor Kit WHT2C $4.10
3 Conductor Kit WHT3C $4.19
4 Conductor Kit WHT4C $5.45
4 Conductor Square Kit WHT4CSQ $5.85
5 Conductor Kit WHT5C $10.95
6 Conductor Kit WHT6C $7.25
24-22 ga terminal kit WHT2422 $8.95
20-18 ga terminal kit WHT2018 $8.95
16-14 ga terminal kit WHT1614 $8.95
Heavy Duty 2 conductor kit WHT2CHDKIT $17.25
Seal-All Economy Crimp Tool WHTSACT $38.32
Seal-All Pro Crimp Tool WHTPSAC $134.95
Seal-All Release Tool WHTSATRT $7.95
Toggle Switch Cap Covers
    Std. Red SCSTR $1.35
    Std. Green SCSTG $1.35
    Std. White SCSTW $1.35
    Std. Blue SCSTB $1.35
    Mini Red SCMIR $1.35
    Mini White SCMIW $1.35
Glare Shields Kits GS01 $229.00
Cable Tie Mounts CTM1 $6.25


Call (562)776-9494 to place an order.

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