Electrical Connectors



    Electrical Plug Connectors


Make your panel a "Plug and Play" panel with these heavy-duty electrical connectors.  The connectors are designed for either panel mount or free hanging.  Connectors are available in 4, 6, 9,12,18, and 36 position configurations.  Choose the pins and sockets based on wire size.  The pins and Sockets are top quality and are gold/nickel plated.  The plugs are sold in pairs and include both the plug and connector.   

           Connectors                    Configuration                        Price

SPT015/16 4 pin $8.95
SPT152/53 6 pin 10.45
SPT39/40 9 pin 11.25
SPT017/18 12 pin $11.95
SPT442/43 18 pin $13.45
SPT019/020 36 pin $14.95

                 PINS                     WIRE GAUGE SIZE                        PRICE

PIN103-1 24/20 .74
PIN099-1 18/16 .74

              SOCKETS                 WIRE GAUGE SIZE                         PRICE

SOC105-1 24/20 .98
SOC101-4 18/16 .98

  USE Crimp tool #WHTSACT as shown on the Seal-All Connector page.

  Panel cut-out dimensions


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