LED Light Strips




 Superior Panel Technology has developed a brighter, wide-angle LED Light strip for aircraft panel illumination.  The 39 LED light strip includes 60 wide-angle white LEDs.  The LED light strips are adaptable for both 14V and 28V aircraft can be cut as needed.  When on full power, it produces a nice flood light that is amazingly bright and produces enough light to read charts.  The LEDs are fully dimmable using the SPT Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) dimmer that was specifically designed for the low current draw LEDs.  The dimmer allows for a gradual dimming without the brightness steps often found in dimmers not designed for low current draw items.  The very compact dimmer is only 1 wide and is VERY easy to wire.  There is a + (power in), - (ground) and terminal for power out to the lights!

SPT offers a discount on the LED Light Strip and PWM Dimmer when purchased as a package. 

An optional 9V battery back-up system is available and recommended (see part numbers below).   

Call 562-776-9494 to place and order.

LED Light Strip (for 14 or 28V)

SPTLEDSW                  $49.00

LED Light Strip and dimmer without switch

SPTPWMLEDWWO      $117.00

LED Light Strip and dimmer with off switch


Battery Back-up 14V

BP14V                         $47.85

Battery Back-up 28V

BP28V                         $57.85

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