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SPT's Glow Strips  

Glare-shield lighting and dimmer

(Green or White)


Superior Panel Technology has developed a brighter, more uniform and longer lasting Glare Shield lighting system.  The 18" x 1" Glow Strip electroluminescent lamps provide a beautiful, even (no hotspots) light output that is very easy on the eyes.  The ultra-thin lamps are flexible and conform to the curves of the underside of the glare shield.  The Glow Strips meet the FAA 23.85s burn test and FAA approval is pending.  SPT's PWM dimmer  is recommended for dimming of the lamps.  A great  compliment to this product is the 9V Battery Pack Battery Back-Up system.   

Each kit is supplied with the appropriate 14 or 28V inverter.  This is a very cost-effective way to provide additional cockpit lighting.

A discount is given on the PWM Dimmer when ordered as a package.

The article "Choosing the Correct Dimmer" will help you in your decision to determine which dimmer is best for your application.

They are available in green or white and with or without a dimmer.

Order online or call the Order Line

Order line 562-776-9494 


Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14G $119.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14G $159.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28G $159.50
GREEN with PWM Dimmer (without off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14GPWM 188.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14GPWM $228.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28GPWM $228.50
GREEN with PWM Dimmer (with off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14GPWMS $197.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14GPWMS $237.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28GPWMS $237.50
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14W $119.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14W $159.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28W $159.50
WHITE (without off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14WPWM 188.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14WPWM $228.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28WPWM $228.50
WHITE (with off switch on dimmer)  
Single Glow Strip-14V GS1-18-14WPWMS $197.50
Two lamp Glow Strip-14V GS2-36-14WPWMS $237.50
Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V GS2-36-28WPWMS $237.50
Battery Back-Up
Battery-Back Up 14V BP14V $48.00
Battery-Back Up 28V BP28V $58.00

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