About Our Company

Superior Panel Technology is an innovative manufacturer of aircraft cockpit lighting systems (including our patented FiberLite Aircraft Instrument Lighting System, our glare shield Glow Strip electroluminescent lighting system and our LED strip lighting available in white, red and green).  Additionally, our LED Super Dome light will provide both a classy look to your aircraft interior while providing a full range of light from super-soft lighting to super bright to help you find that lost nut.

We manufacture in-house various light dimming systems (both solid state and pulse-width -modulating dimmers).

We also provide other aircraft cockpit accessories such as a leather-like vinyl upholstery material, flame retardant foam, and colored switch cap covers which all improve the look, function and/or comfort of the aircraft cockpit.

We are the innovator in the use of fiber-optics to back light the nomenclature on panels and sub-panels using long lasting fiber-optics and LED light sources (avoid the use of noisy electroluminescent inverters or the thickness and weight of thicker panels that use grain of wheat bulbs to illuminate the panels.  If you are an aircraft manufacturer or aircraft kit manufacturer we would be happy to provide you with more information on our aircraft panel back lighting capabilities.  We do have fiber-optic back lighting kits for the individual owner or builder that can be used to back light panels and sub panels made by local engravers and we are happy to share information to you on how this is done.

Another one of  our products, the “EZ-Nut” bezel  makes the installation of aircraft instruments much easier. After using EZ Nuts you will never use the cage (grasshopper) type nut again.

After returning from a long round trip flight in the owner’s RV6A  from Southern California to Oshkosh (where he won a Lindy Award for his plane!) he designed an inflatable lumbar support to make the seats more comfortable (dirty clothes on the return trip worked as a lumbar support but not nearly as well!).   A major GA Aircraft manufacturer was so impressed with our inflatable lumbar supports that they ordered 2000 of them to put into every seat of their new aircraft! This FAA burn tested and approved product can make those long flights much more comfortable.

The team at Superior Panel Technology wishes to thank you for taking the time to peruse our site and we hope that we have some products that will make your flying safer and more comfortable.