HIGH TEMP GROMMETS - SPT Grommet ID Size 3/16”, OD 7/16"$2.75

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HIGH TEMP GROMMETS - SPT Grommet ID Size 5/16", OD 13/16"$3.25

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HIGH TEMP GROMMETS - SPT Grommet ID Size 3/8", OD 7/8"$3.85

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Firewall Cable Grommet Mount

Superior Panel Technology’s Firewall Penetration Kit (Cable Grommet Mount) allows you to make a rectangular opening large enough to pass a plug measuring 1.25” x 2.9” (which will accept the largest sized plug used for installing the Garmin G3X – GEA24 engine sensors LRU plugs). The opening is then sealed with the 1/8” thick, center-stepped, stainless-steel cover plates. You can make up to three custom-sized holes in the shield to match the size of your wire bundles. Three high-temp, flame retardant, silicone grommets are included (ID sizes 3/16”, 5/16” and 3/8”) with the shield. Additional grommets are available. The final result is that of a very clean, neat and safe installation that allows for much easier future servicing and trouble shooting of wiring problems. You no longer need to hang upside down under your panel trying to crimp pins and sockets. Now you can wire the plugs outside of the plane where it is much easier to accurately crimp and insert the pins and sockets into the plugs.


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These silicon rubber high-temperature grommets withstand temperatures of -60 to +500 degrees F —about twice as much as standard grommets. Use them to protect wires, cables and cords and turn uneven, rough-edged holes into smooth ones. They are flexible and push into place.

These grommets meet MIL-G-3036 and resist hot petroleum-based oil and coolant. They also meet MS-35489, AN930 and AN931 and adhere to military dimensional standards.

See the DOCUMENT tab for dimensional specifications.

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SPT Grommet ID Size 3/16”, OD 7/16", SPT Grommet ID Size 5/16", OD 13/16", SPT Grommet ID Size 3/8", OD 7/8"



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