Fiber-Optic Panel Backlighting Kit



Backlight the lettering on reverse engraved placards using this fiber-optic panel. (The use of a dark color, black or dark gray, is recommended in order to give the needed contrast between the lettering and the placard.) The fiber-optic panel is 3″ x 8.5″ and can be custom cut to the widths needed (usually 1/2″ widths).¬† The kit includes a special material which is applied to the fiber-optics to diffuse and even out the light. This is made with an adhesive backing that¬†allows you to then adhere it to the the back of your reverse engraved placard. Normally one fiber-optic panel is enough to illuminate all the text for switches and breakers on your aircraft panel. This kit comes with all the needed connectors and three LEDS (either green or white as requested) to light your panel. These fiber-optics can also be used as mini flood lights over breakers and switches.

Once you have the reverse engraving done by a shop, it’s best to airbrush the letters from the back side before applying the fiber-optics. Airbrushing will make the letters really stand out in the daytime and yet with the correct technique will be translucent enough to allow the light to shine through at night.

Copy and paste the link below to see a video of this process. (We do suggest that you practice this technique on some scrap pieces prior to working with your final project.)


Weight .5 lbs

Green-14V, White-14V, Green-28V, White-28V


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