LED Super Dome Light

The Superior Panel Technology Super Dome Light  (SPTSDL) Is an ultra-bright dome light that can be used in a variety of aircraft locations: Cabin, Baggage, Door entry, etc. The SPTSDL super dome provides a bright, wide angle, cool-white flood light. A dimmer is highly suggested for use with this light. The recommended dimmer is the Superior Panel Technology dimmer model SPTPWMLEDS.  This pulse-width-modulating  dimmer that will provide even, full-range dimming from barely visible to full bright. This dimmer has a built in circuit breaking off switch which allows you to connect directly to a battery with an inline fuse so that you to turn on the light without turning on the master switch (if desired).  The precision machined  aluminum bezel on the light is available either in black (SPTSDLB) or a clear (SPTSDLC) anodizing.

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